About Us

Let me introduce myself to you…….

I am Andrew Mirmelli – Owner and Operator, M&M Parking LLC also known as Andrew Mirmelli’s Parking Management Services. (Miami Beach, Florida.)

Sun, sand and surf. Simply awesome! Aren’t we Floridians blessed?

I had read it somewhere that, “A man travels the world in search of what he needs – and returns home to find it.” How true! As a kid, when ecstasy used to be my only pursuit, I would find it on Miami Beach. Today, this landmark locale serves as my livelihood.

Andrew MIrmelli's Parking

My Family My Life

M&M Parking defines my social identity. The complete Andrew Mirmelli, has many other parts of himself.


I have always been an advocate of education – curious not only about how things work, but how life does too! While I am still very distant from true enlightenment, the lessons I learned at Rutgers University and Hebrew Academy have revealed many of the answers to my quest.


I learned to walk this Earth, holding my Mamma’s fingers. Decades have passed by, but actively involved in my business, she still has new lessons to teach.


I used to be a lone wolf – until getting married helped me realize the power of a magical partnership.


Life is all about living for others. I read this message everyday – in the eyes of my two little angels.


No matter how big I have grown, how lost I have become in worldly affairs, I am still a baby at heart – who loves it when the dog licks his face, and to whom, heaven is at The Miami Beach!!!!

About Andrew Mirmelli’s Parking Management Services :


Through years of expertise in this field, our team is growing rapidly. Also our parking system has evolved to become one of the USA’s leading parking management services provider for habitants and sightseers.

Our purpose is to remain completely focused on the access control system, security system, boom barrier and statistical information in our parking lots.

What Makes Andrew Mirmelli’s Parking Management Different?

A dedicated team:

We have a dedicated team to give you the best possible services for the customers with always smiling faces.

Our Vision & Goal:

To become our customer’s preferred partner in parking, vehicle safety and security solutions with the best parking technology here at Andrew Mirmelli’s Parking Management Services.

Our Mission:

We enhances the quality of life by providing clean and safe parking facilities, based on the pillar of comfort, cost effective living, learning and working environment reliability, and hospitality.


Andrew Mirmelli recognizes that our goals can be met only with the dedicated input of committed, well-trained and well managed employees who shares their passion for quality and customer services.

Reserve your choice of space in advance and when you come, your reserved space will be waiting for you…

Andrew Mirmelli’s Parking Lot In Miami Beach Is Where Neon Goes To Die…!!!